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Vicky Smith , USA

Jerry is AWESOME!! We can't stop laughing of everything he does! Did you trained him? We put a training paper so he can "go to the bathroom" there and he went almost 5 times and always he did it on the paper! He is SO smart!!

Today was my first day with Jerry at my office! He is behaving so well! I can't even walk two steps that someone would stop me to touch him!
Even people in the street! I gave your website to 3 persons already and told them that I HIGHLY recommend you!

Angela Thomas , ON CANADA

A quick update on ALEX He is very outgoing and everyone just loves him. I couldnt ask for a better pup. He practically came potty trained thanks to you. That is a blessing in and of itself. Thank you so much for breeding and taking care of such wonderful dogs. Everybody fell in love with him. I even had someone ask where I got him, so I gave her your phone number & web site.

Jacob Cohen , USA

Hello! It's Jess and Jacob Cohen. We wanted to share our love and satisfy. He is such a joy to us and has really helped us cope with the loss of Dandy. We really appreciate you working with us!! The first couple pictures were from when we picked him up. Once we got him home we started playing and he instantly came around...such a lovely personality! We love him so much - he is a great addition to our family! Once again thank you so much!!!

Chris Parker , CANADA

Hi guys, this is Chris again. Just wanted to send you updates from the last few months. Bolton is now 21 weeks old. And he's growing every day! He's such a cuddle bug, loves going on car rides, him and his "brother" are best buddies. I adore him so much and I cant thank you enough!

Samantha Lopez , USA

She is amazing like always. Love her until the end! We have the best time in our live together. I just want send you some greeting pics :) I can not say it much enough – she is my dream dog! Thank you so much guys that you give her to me!!

Scott Tyer , USA

Just wanted to give you an update on how things have been going with Blackberry. She is tender and sweet! My wife and kids love her and she goes almost everywhere with us.

© Copyright 2017 PureBred Bullys - All Rights Reserved